Miklós Szilágyi Sr., instrument repairer master, workshop manager

I am doing my work with passion and love since 1979, and I am still putting my heart and soul into it every single day. My enthusiasm did not change in the past 30 years, because this profession is always full of surprises and new challenges. After finishing the conservatory, I started my practical training as an instrument repairer under the supervision of István Bogschütz repairer master. I finished school and became a technician in 1982. After 10 years of work with two years as head manager at the Kozmosz Industrial Company’s Üllői street shop, I made my master exam in 1992, and went to the famous Lőrincz Kuzsel master’s workshop to support him for another four years. I opened my own workshop at Pilisvörösvár in 1996. Through the years I have thought six young students, and five of them are still doing the profession. I am a member of the Hungarian Master Exam Committee.

Miklós Szilágyi Jr., professional instrument repairer, manager of the ‘Miki’s Instruments’ company

My love towards instruments have began early in my childhood, when I started to help my father in the workshop. It became clear to me in my high school years, that I will follow my father down the same road, and I will be an instrument repairer, just like him. I have finished my studies at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music’s Instrument Repairer School as a woodwind technician in 2012. Naturally, through my practical training, my father was my master and mentor. I had a chance to gain some experience abroad, and work in Sweden at Uffe’s Blos in the summers of 2011 and 2012. I also visited the B&S factory in 2011, where I gained some knowledge about the building of wood- and brass-wind instruments.

Gábor Tamaskó, technician pupil, head of international connections

After finishing my studies in Hungary, I moved to the United Kingdom for a year to collect some experience, and to sharpen my english speaking skills. I was always fascinated with music, and all sorts of instruments because I play the guitar and the piano since childhood. I also know how to play basic things on a saxophone or a clarinet, but I still have a lot to learn. I started my studies as an instrument repair technician in 2012, under the wings of the Lisz Ferenc University of Music, and I am being trained in Miklós Szilágyi’s workshop. In the summer of 2012 I also had a chance to work at Uffe’s Blos in Sweden for a month. I wanted to become a repair techinican, because I love music, and all the other things that are related to it. My favorite quote: “The only truth is music” – Jack Kerouac

We are offering You a quality solution for the reparation of all kinds of woodwind musical instruments, from a regular setup to a general overhaul. Our customers span from music schools to amateur and professional musicians.

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